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We create Individual Treatment Plans

So we create individual plans for each student.

No two learners are alike

All of our services are individualized to help your child succeed.
Discover the best option for you.

Educational remediation at the K&M Center focuses on developing areas of underlying challengesthat affect every aspect of the child’s life. Educational remediation also helps students understand their unique learning style, and shows them how to use their abilities and gifts both in and outside of school.

The K&M Center provides Homeschooling services for elementary, middle, and high school students. Students are provided a unique opportunity to fulfill California State grade level requirements while also receiving remediation for their learning and/or attention difficulties. 

Our Executive Functioning coaches help students develop the core executive functioning (EF) skills and specific subject area knowledge they need to perform well in school.  EF coaches use The Executive Functioning Workbook, along with the student’s own schoolwork to build EF skills. 

The K&M Executive Functioning Workbook increases student’s ability to plan, start, and finish work autonomously.The program establishes academic independence as the student determines goals and develops the habits that will achieve them. 


Evaluations offer a complete picture of a child's learning characteristics, so we can design a unique program to focus on and strengthen the skills that will make academics easier for your child



Full Evaluation

The Full evaluation measures cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses, identifies learning styles, pinpoints any learning disabilities, and outlines easy-to-understand remedies to assist students


Specific Subject Area Assessment 

Here we identify the underlying issues causing difficulty with reading, writing, or math.



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