Plan your summer
program now to close the learning gap!

Create Summer Goals

for your child


Reading, writing and math skills depend on strong auditory, visual, attention and problem solving skills. Use the summer to make sure your child's foundational skills are solid.

Sign up for a Summer Intensive to make a big learning jump. 


Do in 6 weeks what would normally take 25-30 weeks!


Summer Intensive Time Slots:

Each time slot is 1 hour long- Monday through Friday. 
A:  9 am-10 am   
B:  10 am -11 am
C:  11 am -12 pm 
D: 12pm- 1pm     
 Summer Intensives provide 5-20 hours a week of intervention to help your child move into the next level of mastery. 

Customized Time Slots:

Choose the days and weeks you would like to attend.
​The  Custom Schedule provides flexibility to make the most of your  summer.

All summer programs are 1-to-1 and individually designed

to maximize your child's learning potential.

• For the best results sign up for 6 Intensive weeks •

Custom scheduling is available in the afternoon.
Each time slot is 1 or more hours.

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