Plan your summer program now!

Summer sessions make a big difference 


We identify and address the root cause of your child's learning challenge.

Next, we create a plan that targets those areas.


Summer is the best time

to build skills and solve underlying

learning differences 

Build time

 management, organization, note-taking, research,

 and test taking skills. 


Summer Sessions

Summer Intensive Time Slots:

Each time slot is 2 hours long- Monday thru Friday. 
A:  9 am-11 am
B:  11 am -1 pm
C:  1:30 pm -3:30 pm 
 Summer Intensives provide 10-20 hours a week of intervention to help your child move into the next level of mastery. 

Customized Time Slots:

Choose the weeks you would like to attend.
​The  Custom Schedule provides flexibility to make the most of your  summer.

All summer programs are 1-to-1 and individually designed

to maximize your child's learning potential.

Custom scheduling is available in the afternoon.
Each time slot is 1 or more hours.
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