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Reading, writing and math skills depend on strong auditory, visual, attention and problem solving skills.
Use the summer to make sure your child's foundational skills are solid.

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Sign up for a Summer Intensive to make a big learning jump. 


Do in 6 weeks what would normally take 25-30 weeks!


Summer Intensive Time Slots:

Each time slot is 2 hour long- Monday through Friday. 
A:  9 am-11 am   
         B:  11:30 am -1:30 pm
C:  2 pm -4  pm 

 Summer Intensives provide 10-20 hours a week of intervention to help your child move into the next level of mastery. 

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Customized Time Slots:

Choose the days and weeks you would like to attend.
​The  Custom Schedule provides flexibility to make the most of your  summer.

All summer programs are 1-to-1 and individually designed

to maximize your child's learning potential.

• For the best results sign up for 6 Intensive weeks •

Custom scheduling is available in the afternoon.
Each time slot is 1 or more hours.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

You can fiil out our SIgn Up Now form or call us at 310-582-1563 x102

What days and times can I sign up for?

We have 2 types of summer sessions: Summer Intensives or Custom Sessions. Summer Intensives: 1. Pick the numbers of hours you would like for the summer. * Intensives are usually between 30 and 60 hours in order to make the most improvement. 2. Pick the weeks you would like to come. *All Intensive sessions are Monday- Friday. 3. Decide how long the sessions should be: 1 or 2 hours * If you want to do 60 hours your options include: • 6 weeks at 10hrs/wk or • 3 weeks at 20hrs/wk • You can also mix and match and have two 20hr/wk and two 10hr/wk * Note: younger students are usually better with a break between 2 hour sessions. 4. Pick the time slot you would like for each week you are coming. *You can have a different time slot for different weeks. * You can not have different time slots within a week. 5. Contact us Custom Schedules Note: Custom sessions are held in the afternoon. 1. Decide how many hours you need to reach your summer goal. 2. Pick the days and times you would like. 3. Contact us

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a no cancellation policy in the summer. We have limited space and we want to make sure we are able to provide services for as many people as possible. Please consider your schedule carefully before you sign up. We are happy to work with you to help you create the best possible schedule for your child and your family.

How will you create a plan for my child?

Once you decide that you would like to work with us this summer we will have a meeting to review any testing or reports you have. We will discuss your child's learning profile and academic history. A set of goals for the summer will be created. Once we are clear on the summer goals a treatment plan will be created for your child. We will also monitor your child's progress over the summer and adapt the plan as needed.

How will I know progress is being made?

You will recieve progress notes weekly. The notes will outline each area your child is working on and provide insight into the progress being made. You can also call us at any time during the time your student is with us and ask for a quick phone update.

What if I need to change the schedule I made?

If there are still spots available we will try to accomodate changes in schedule. However, there will be a change fee for each hour that is changed. We work very hard to create teams of Educational Specialists for each child, when a change is made we can not guarentee the same team.

Who will my child be working with?

For our Summer Intensives we create a team of Educational Specialists that get to know your child. All team members will communicate with each other about progress and personality issues so your child gets the best intervention possible.