Educational Remediation builds areas of underlying weakness 
so your child can become a strong, confident learner.

The K&M Center specializes in helping students increase their
processing and executive functioning skills
so reading, writing and math skills become stronger.


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K&M Center Programs


The K&M Center is the pathway to your child’s success. 



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  • Reading Instruction includes teaching and improving foundational reading skills along with building comprehension skills with active reading techniques. 

  • Spelling rules are introduced as students begin reading. Learning to read and spell empowers students and helps them enjoy the reading/writing process.

  • Math Skills training uses cutting-edge techniques to clarify and inspire “math thinking.” Visual-spatial skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving and flexible thinking are developed to help students understand and build math skills.


  • Writing Instruction includes a structured approach to brainstorming and organizing ideas to help students demonstrate their knowledge. Langage organization skills speed up the writing process. Students learn mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation), sentence structure, paragraph development, research skills, and editing.


  • Report Writing includes planning strategies, research, note-taking, organizing, composing, drafts, and editing. 


  • Executive Functioning and Study Skills training includes time management, active reading techniques, note-taking, outlining, research, organization, and written and oral expression. 


  • Visual-Motor Skills training includes spatial organization, fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception. 

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The programs selected for your child will be determined by their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to accelerate students' progress by making sure all foundational learning skills are solid. When students are solid and confident in their skills, they are able to become confident learners.