When you need more than tutoring

Is your child working hard

and still struggling to learn?

Educational Remediation builds areas of underlying weakness 

so your child can become a strong, confident learner.

The K&M Center specializes in helping students increase their processing and executive functioning skills so reading, writing and math skills become stronger.

The K&M Center specializes in learning differences 


We build the underlying visual, auditory and  attention skills students need to become a reader.


At K&M we specialize in integrating multi-sensory methods to “train the brain” to make your child’s reading skills strong.  


Unlock the integrated aspects of writing, including organizing ideas, letter formation, computer keyboarding, grammar, punctuation, spelling and composition with our writing programs.


Develop fine motor skills, writing mechanics, and organization skills your child  needs to enjoy writing.

Our Flexible Thinking Program includes guided problem ­solving strategies and fun thinking games.


Students are challenged in each session to stretch a little bit further, consistently developing and adding strategies to their flexible thinking “toolbox.” 


The program is designed to grow with your student as he or she becomes a more flexible and critcal thinker.   

Flexible Thinking

Take a Fun Quiz (or 2) and learn more about your child's skills


Skills training uses cutting-edge techniques to  clarify and inspire “math thinking.”


The K&M Center’s specialized hands-on Math Programs take frustration and anxiety out of the equation.

We combine hands-on experience with manipulatives, number visualization, and talking through operations that bring more clarity and enjoyment to the process.


Spatial organization, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception are developed. 

Executive Functioning

Build time management, organization, note-taking, research, and test taking skills.


K&M brings you cutting edge programs for Executive Functioning, Attention, and Working Memory

In sync with the latest neurological research, our programs address the fundamental brain functions used for academic and life tasks. 


Take our free Executive Functioning Skills Quiz  to find your child's Executive Functioning strengths and weaknesses.

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