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kid reading learning success

Reading Fun!

Spend 20 minutes a day to build better reading skills.

Reading Fun! is a 8-week reading program to help students build phonic and sight reading ability. Each week introduces a new sound along with fun reading activities. Visual memory skills are developed as students increase their sight word bank.

Thank you for taking the time to test out the KM Reading Fun Program!

Please note that this is a test site.
The final product will be hosted on Thinkific.

The interface for the Introduction material and the weekly lessons

will be presented differently on the final version. 

  • We are interested in anything that does not work or seems wrong. If something "breaks",  just relaunch the lesson to clear everything and try again. If something is still broken, just move on to the next lesson.

  • Your feedback about the flow and feel of the lessons will be helpful.

  • Please send feedback to Krystle at

Get Started! Read the guide and
watch the video to learn each activity

Download, or print, the guide to use as a resource for the Reading Fun program

Watch a sample lesson for a demo of the activities.

Click the                   to Start

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Start the Reading Adventure!
Click on Week 1 and then select Day 1.
Come back each day for the next adventure.

Week 9
Week 10
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