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Are you tired of traditional checklists that fall short in developing strong Executive Functioning skills in your students? Look no further! Karen Fried, Psy.D., and Melissa Mullin, Ph.D., bring over 20 years of experience in remediating students' learning difficulties to the new 2nd Edition Executive Functioning Workbook.

Holistic Approach: Building executive functioning skills goes beyond checklists. Our program focuses on developing a solid sense of self and understanding other, key elements for self-regulation.
Comprehensive Tools: Our workbook offers a unique blend of engaging creative exercises and metacognitive prompts. These exercises boost self-concept and social-emotional abilities, while prompts, checklists, charts, and study plans provide structure for mastering executive functioning capabilities.
Empower Independence: Our program empowers students to become self-motivated learners with robust executive functioning skills. They'll learn to:

  • THINK and PLAN
  • DO and REVIEW

Witness the Transformation: See your students evolve into self-motivated learners with robust Executive Functioning skills!

About the Authors:Karen Fried and Melissa Mullin founded the K&M Center, an educational institution dedicated to transforming the lives of neurodivergent children and adolescents. Their innovative approach combined personalized, evidence-based strategies and a deep understanding of individual learning profiles to help students unlock their full potential. Now consultants to those serving neurodiverse students, they have written the 2nd edition of their book on Executive Functioning: Executive Functioning Workbook: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together. This book teaches the fundamental skills of executive functioning using a holistic and experiential approach. Other publications by Karen Fried and Melissa Mullin: The Adult Executive Functioning Workbook, A Maze the Brain, Flexible Thinking Program, Think, Talk, Laugh and By The Rules: One Syllable Spelling.

Executive Functioning Workbook, 2nd Edition- Downloadable Version

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