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The Executive Functioning Workbooks provides step by step instructions to help build skills.

Executive Functioning Workbook

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The Executive Functioning Workbook is the first subject-matter book geared toward the STUDENT – providing worksheets and advice for students to develop and improve their Executive Functioning skills. 

The step-by-step worksheets and checklists designed by educational experts Dr. Melissa Mullin Ph.D. and Dr. Karen Fried  are the results of over 25 years of teaching students how to succeed in school. 

The Executive Functioning Workbook provides easy to follow, hands-on guidance and support to help students organize, plan, and follow through on tasks.

What is in the Workbook?


  *  Scheduling time 

  *  Setting  goals 

  *  Breaking down  projects 

  *  Setting up a study space 

  *  Active reading

  *  Organizing a backpack

  *  Taking  notes 

  *  Using a planner 

  *  Test preparation

  *  Tracking progress 


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The activities provide students with options, which I think is a real positive. Students need to learn not only the executive functioning skills, but also be able to personalize them and apply the skills in ways that work for them. Reproducibles are a great help for student and parent.

The product is very easy to use. Everything is clearly outlined, and ready to be

read and filled in.

This is a new and wonderful concept to help students develop much needed cognitive skills that'll help them throughout her school career, as well as later on in life in the workplace.

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