Executive Functioning Coaching works


K & M Center  Coaches build the executive functioning skills students need to increase academic achievement.

Coaching sessions cover: 


  • Developing study routines

  • Organizing backpacks, notebooks, papers  and computer files

  • Managing time

  • Tracking daily and long term assignments

  • Planning ahead for projects and essays

  • Effectively preparing for tests

  • Analyzing tasks and breaking down assignments into manageable amounts

  • Creating notes and study guides

  • Learning techniques to stay focused and on task

  • Developing the ability to self-assess in order to make progress

  • Review of academic skills in specific subject areas


Start building executive functioning skills now!

Step 1: Take the Free Executive Functioning (EF) Quiz  and discover your or  your child's EF strengths and weaknesses. Start the Quiz now- Why wait?

Step 2: Use the EF Workbook to build the skills you need. Buy the book now

Step 3: Contact us for an EF coach

Executive Functioning Workbook