Gain mastery
Build underlying skills
Flexible thinking and problem solving
K- 12th grade
All courses or selected subjects

Build learning skills and become a successful student

Does your child need

one -to-one teaching

to build learning skills?

The K&M Center Homeschool Program is designed to help students with learning differences. 

Catch Up

Our Homeschool program provides struggling students a much needed break, or pause, to strengthen their cognitive and academic abilities and successfully transition back to the appropriate school setting. Emphasis is placed upon supporting students and families in making this transition.


Most students homeschool with the K&M Center for one to two years to remediate their learning challenges and then enroll in a public or private school.

All Grades

The K&M Center provides Homeschooling services for elementary, middle, and high school students. Students are provided a unique opportunity to fulfill California State grade level requirements while also receiving remediation for their learning and/or attention difficulties.


  • The focus of the program will be to remediate underlying learning difficulties.


  • Your child will have an individualized curriculum and 1-to-1 instruction to fully engage in the learning process.


  • One-on-One instruction allows your child to progress at his or her own pace and ensure they gain mastery in each subject.

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