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Summer Fun to Support Executive Functioning Skills in Infants and Toddlers (0-2 Years)

Updated: Jun 11

Summer is a fantastic time to help your infant or toddler develop foundational executive functioning skills through fun and engaging activities.

Here's how you can support your infant and toddler's growth in executive functioning skills: attention control, working memory, and inhibition during the summer!

1. Attentional Control: Take advantage of outdoor play to help your child develop their attention control. Play games like peek-a-boo with a blanket while you’re at the park. Hide behind a tree and pop out, encouraging them to shift their attention and anticipate your return.

2. Basic Working Memory: Head to the beach or sandbox with your little one. Bury a toy in the sand and encourage them to find it. This simple game helps enhance their working memory as they remember where the toy is hidden and dig it up.

3. Inhibition: Set up a small picnic in the backyard and have your toddler wait before eating a treat. Use a short timer or count to ten, helping them practice waiting and self-control.

Through these playful summer activities, you can help your infant or toddler begin to build essential executive functioning skills. Enjoy the warm weather while providing valuable learning opportunities.

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