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Boosting Executive Functioning Skills in Preschoolers (3-5 Years) This Summer

Updated: Jun 11

Summer offers a wonderful opportunity for preschoolers to enhance their executive functioning skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Here are some summer-specific activities to help them develop inhibition, cognitive flexibility, working memory, and basic planning.

  1. Inhibition: Try the "Marshmallow Test" on a warm summer day. Set up a blanket in the backyard and offer your child a marshmallow. Explain that if they wait a few minutes without eating it, they will get a second one. This fun activity teaches self-control and delayed gratification.

  2. Cognitive Flexibility: Organize a backyard scavenger hunt with different themes or rules. For instance, one round could involve finding items of specific colors, while another focuses on different shapes. This encourages your child to adapt to changing tasks and improves cognitive flexibility.

  3. Working Memory: Play a game of "Simon Says" during a picnic or outdoor gathering. Give your child a series of instructions to follow, helping them practice holding and using information in their minds.

  4. Basic Planning: Involve your preschooler in planning a small garden. Let them choose which flowers or vegetables to plant, and plan where to place them. This activity helps them understand planning and organizing in a tangible way.

By incorporating these summer activities into your preschooler’s routine, you can support their executive functioning development in a fun and natural way. Enjoy the season while fostering important skills.


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