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Flashcards Build Memory Skills

All students must memorize information. The benefit of using flashcards is students can quiz themselves on the material. Quizzing has been demonstrated to help students retain information. Mixing up the cards helps students work actively and flexibly with the material.

Quizlet is a great online tool to create flashcards and increase memory skills.

Quizlet lets you create your own flashcards or choose from millions created by other Quizlet students and teachers on thousands of subjects. The Quizlet’s study app enables you to:

– Put your memory to the test with Learn – Memorize tough vocabulary like a pro with Flashcards – Race against the clock in a game of Match – Share study materials with classmates or your students – Listen to pronunciations when you’re learning foreign languages – Enhance your studying with images and audio

Paper flashcards are a way great to increase your students memory!

There are some real advantages to the paper cards. Students who learn better by writing things down will be more engaged with cards they have written themselves. The other advantage to paper flashcards is that you can play with them and sort them into categories. This sorting process enables students to discover associations they might have missed. Tips: 1. Keep the information simple: one item per card. 2. Don’t try to learn too much at once.

• Start with a reasonable number of cards • Add more cards as the first ones have been mastered.

  1. Draw picture associations to help engage visual memory.

  2. Make it fun with games of concentration or family quizzing.

  3. Try to find how many groups of cards you can make:

• Words that start with the same letter • Problems that are 2-step operations in math • All the words that are nouns, or verbs, or adjectives or whatever you can think of depending on what information you are working with.

  1. Review, Review, Review!

Precut cards with holes available by Debra Dale Designs. Practice with flashcards will activate student engagement leading to mastery!

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