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Enhancing Executive Functioning Skills in Early School Age Children (6-9 Years) This Summer

Summer is an excellent time for early school-age children to improve their executive functioning skills through engaging and enjoyable activities.

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Here are some strategies to help them boost inhibition, working memory, cognitive flexibility, goal setting, and organization.

  1. Improved Inhibition: Organize a game of "Red Light, Green Light" during outdoor play. This classic game requires children to stop and go based on commands, helping them practice self-control and inhibition.

  2. Enhanced Working Memory: Set up a summer reading challenge. Encourage your child to read a series of books and discuss the stories with you. Ask questions about the plot and characters to enhance their working memory.

  3. Cognitive Flexibility: Host a weekly family game night with board games that have changing rules or strategies, like "Uno" or "Sorry!" These games help children adapt to new rules and improve cognitive flexibility.

  4. Goal Setting and Organization: Get your child involved in a summer project, like organizing a lemonade stand. Help them set goals, such as how much lemonade to sell and what supplies are needed. Create checklists and schedules to teach them organization and planning.

By engaging your early school-age child in these summer activities, you can help them strengthen their executive functioning skills while enjoying the break. These skills are crucial for their ongoing development and success.

Through these engaging summer activities, you can help your pre-teen build strong executive functioning skills that will benefit them in all areas of life. Enjoy the summer while fostering important developmental milestones.


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