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5 Tips for Fast Math

1. Make sure your child understands the concept

  1. Use Manipulatives ( beans, blocks, pennies) to help build the problems

  2. Use manipulative to solve the problems

  3. Solve the problem without manipulative

2. Do a pretest and see what your child already knows.

3. Practice the facts:

  1. Create flashcards


  3. Play games with dice:

  4. Use a timer and 2 die, roll the dice and answer out loud. See how many problems can be solved in 1 minute or 2 minutes. Keep a chart and track progress.


  6. Play computer games

  7. Computer math practice:

4. Create worksheets

  1. Math Worksheet creator:



  1. Practice writing the answer

  2. Review errors, demonstrate patterns

5. Practice times facts with pencil and paper

  1. Horizontal

  2. Vertical

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