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Build Attention Skills

Excutive Functioning Workbook


Executive Functioning Workbook 


Executive Functioning (EF) is a term that’s been getting increased attention in education lately.  Simply put, it’s the ability to interpret and act upon the information.


Introduced and explained in an easy to follow format that parents or tutors can follow, activities in The K&M Center Executive Functioning Workbook will bring all this down to an understandable level for your student, and place it in a context that will nurture their comprehension over the long term. 



Cogmed Working Memory Training


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a highly effective program designed to improve attention, increase concentration, and sharpen problem-solving skills. 


Under the supervision of our Cogmed-qualified coaches, students from preschoolers to adults complete an age-appropriate training program at home.

Processing Skills


Processing skills activities target visual and auditory weaknesses and enhance learning skills.


We strengthen the underlying thinking processes needed for academic skills by improving the brain’s overall processing abilities. 


This work builds neurological pathway connections through fast-paced, fun activities in areas of auditory and visual processing, working memory, processing speed, attention, logic and reasoning, and phonemic awareness.


Deficits in memory and learning often stem from attentional problems. 

The activities we use strengthen four types of attention: Sustained attention for long-term tasks, selective attention for concentrating despite distractions, alternating attention allowing students to shift to new tasks, and divided attention for completing multiple tasks.




 Attention Process Training curriculum systematically trains students to control external distractions while strengthening skills needed for sustaining attention, increasing processing speed, shifting attention between multiple tasks, and paying attention to multiple sources of information at a time.

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