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Writing Programs

Retrain the Brain

Step Up To Writing uses multi-sensory, hands-on, and memorable exercises to keep students engaged and enthralled.  Not to be missed.


The K&M Center proudly brings you Diana Hanbury King’s spectacular writing workbooks, which elegantly blend writing instruction with easy practice exercises.


From grammar rules and model sentences to paragraphs and essays, everything is covered and delivered with innovative writing and editing exercises that clarify good writing methods for your student while letting them enjoy all types of literary tasks from creative writing to reports.


Inspriation and Webspiration are here…

These amazing online organizing tools will help your child embrace and organize their thoughts even if their writing is messy or disorganized.


How is this done?  They provide an automatic layout for every step of writing, including prewriting, composing, editing, and even integrating others’ contributions.


You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!


Retrain the Brain, provides a remarkable synergy of music and movement to develop the brain, extend the student’s emotional control and the build fine motor skills neccessary for writing.



 Handwriting Without Tears does just what it says, it eases the  struggles of printing and cursive by building the skills needed for fluid writing. We follow an age-appropriate sequence, grouping letters by ease and similarity of stroke, and we only venture into the more difficult letter groups after your child is comfortable with the basics.

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