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Excellent Reading Comprehension, But Slow Reading Rate

Alex* has strong verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning skills. Her excellent reading and comprehension skills make her a strong reader. So, why does she hate reading? Reading is a struggle for Alex due to her slow reading rate.

Reading fluency is Alex’s greatest weakness, she has struggled with reading since first grade. In spite of years of intervention Alex’s reading speed continues to be significantly lower than her verbal comprehension abilities.

Alex is able to perform to her potential in school due to the extra time she is provided on tests. When Alex is required to read within a time limit she is severely hindered in the amount of material she can process. Without extra time, Alex is unable to read enough material to demonstrate her comprehension of the material. Alex qualifies for extra time on standardized tests, but she is working harder than her classmates. Is there anything that can be done to help her?

Here are some ideas for Alex and her family to explore:

  1. Read Naturally Program to build reading fluency

  2. Use Rapid Naming material to integrate visual and auditory modalities

  3. Use visual worksheets to build visual attention

  4. Have a visual assessment to make sure her vision skills are strong.

Reading fluency is skill that can be developed. While most students increase their reading speed as they learn to read, other students need specific exercises to read quickly.

* Note: The student profile above is a composite of students with similar learning styles.

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