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Are you ready to make a REAL change?

We know how challenging this year has been. We also know that the right intervention leads to real changes.
K&M Specialists are experts at 1-to-1 teaching. 



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  • One-to-One sessions

  • Targeted intervention

The K&M Center Specializes in Learning Differences

• Reading/Dyslexia • Writing • Spelling • Math • Executive Functioning • Attention Deficit •

What level of intervention is right for you?

We offer a variety of educational support options.

The best option for you is the one that meets your child's individual needs and goals.

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Our Process for Success

The K&M Center is a specialized learning center. We meet with families and understand each of our students' learning challenges. Our approach to learning is based on a whole child view. We identify and address the underlying processing and communication skills, as well as the executive functioning and academic skills your child needs to become a confident learner.

We had parent teacher conferences yesterday and  I was blown away by how well Max is doing. All of his teachers are pleased with how he is doing,

Through her work with the K&M Center staff, Hayley has learned to properly identify sounds and decode multi-syllable words. More importantly, her confidence has grown to the point where she no longer gets frustrated with unfamiliar words or activities.

My 7-year-old daughter has been working with Krystle for reading support for over 7 months. At the start, she was unable to read on her own and didn't have any confidence. Not only was her reading assessed at the beginning, but the team at K&M took time to get to know my daughter as a learner and what would work for her personality and interests. Sessions were tailored to keep her engaged based on her interests.


Krystle was always very flexible with her and was able to adapt the sessions based on what kind of day my daughter was having. My daughter loved how Krystle would include lessons on her favorite topics to keep her engaged.


The communication with Krystle and the staff at K&M has been excellent. We get feedback after each session and Krystle is always available for any questions. I appreciate how K&M uses well-researched programs while individualizing it for my daughter's needs. My daughter is now able to read chapter books and is more confident.  

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It's time to talk to children about the pandemic and how they feel about the future. Life as we knew it will resume, but it will not be the same. We have changed. The activities in this workbook are designed to help children and families transition out of the pandemic and into the New Normal. Based on the work of Dr. Violet Oaklander, each exercise includes a guided creative activity that allows students to explore and express their thoughts about the future.

By K&M Directors Dr. Karen Fried and Dr. Melissa Mullin

Transition to Life After a Pandemic, Online Course

Learn to use this new resource designed to help your students and families transition out of the pandemic and into the New Normal!

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