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The 2nd Edition of the Executive Functioning Workbook goes beyond checklists to develop self-awareness and social-emotional development, key components of Executive Functioning. 


K&M Workbooks Provide Parents and Specialists with the tools to teach Reading, Spelling,
Executive Functioning, Verbal Processing Speed, Rapid Naming, Social-Emotional and Fine Motor Skills

K&M Products

Key Features of K&M Workbooks:


  • Comprehensive Learning: Each K&M workbook is a complete package, ensuring that students have everything they need to learn and master new skills.

  • Introduction to Skills: We kickstart the learning journey with a thorough introduction to the skills at hand, setting a strong foundation.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Instructors will find detailed, user-friendly instructions and guides, making teaching a breeze.

  • All-Inclusive Materials: Say goodbye to the hassle of gathering materials. We provide everything needed to complete the lessons, saving you time and effort.

  • Carefully Crafted Lessons: Our lessons are meticulously designed to offer clear explanations, making complex information easily understandable for students.

  • Practice for Mastery: Reinforce learning and boost confidence with practice items that support students in mastering the concepts.


With K&M Workbooks, you have a powerful tool to ensure effective and efficient learning for neurodivergent students. Invest in their success today!


Karen Fried, Psy.D. and Melissa Mullin, Ph.D. founded the K&M Center, an educational institution dedicated to transforming the lives of neurodivergent children and adolescents. Their innovative approach combined personalized, evidence-based strategies and a deep understanding of individual learning profiles to help students unlock their full potential. As trusted consultants for those dedicated to serving neurodiverse students, their expertise extends to providing invaluable workbooks. These resources enable parents, tutors, and other professionals to facilitate effective learning experiences, fostering growth and success for every student.


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