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The K&M Center Specializes in Learning Differences

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The K&M Center's approach to learning is based on a whole child view. We identify and address the underlying processing and communication skills, as well as the executive functioning and academic skills your child needs to become a confident learner.

Is your child struggling to learn?

An underlying processing difficulty or learning difference may mean traditional teaching and tutoring methods aren't the best way for your child to learn. Educational remediation focuses on the best instruction for your child. Finding and correcting the cause of students' learning deficit allows students to succeed in school.

Once students have a solid foundation they are able to learn new information more easily.


Contact us to start the learning process

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HS vs ER Mailchimp large (6 × 5 in) (6 × 5.5 in).png
HS vs ER Mailchimp large (6 × 5 in) (6 × 5.5 in).png

Consultations and testing help you understand your child's needs so you can create the best intervention plan. 

One-to-one Educational Remediation offers direct help where your child needs it.

K&M Center accredited homeschool provides students a break from traditional schooling. Students work at their own pace to build cognitive and academic skills.

We had parent teacher conferences yesterday and  I was blown away by how well Max is doing. All of his teachers are pleased with how he is doing,

Through her work with the K&M Center staff, Hayley has learned to properly identify sounds and decode multi-syllable words. More importantly, her confidence has grown to the point where she no longer gets frustrated with unfamiliar words or activities.

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