One-to-one live sessions

can help your child

learn from home.

Virtual Learning Works!

• Reading/Dyslexia • Writing • Spelling • Math • Executive Functioning • Attention Deficit •

The K&M Center Specializes

in Learning Differences

School is out for most students, but learning can continue.

The K&M Center is ready to help your child with their school work

and/or build underlying processing skills.

We are available for online consultations and educational sessions.

We have educational materials and knowledge

to help students continue to build skills and succeed.


Our Process for Success

The K&M Center considers the whole child when identifying their learning strengths and challenges. Each student is provided with an individualized treatment plan to maximize their strengths and remediate their learning difficulties. K&M students are taught the underlying processing and communication skills, as well as executive functioning AND academic skills they need to become independent, confident learners.

The K&M Center has educated thousands of students with learning differences

We focus on  identifying and solving learning gaps

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