Karen and Melissa created the K&M Center to help children reach their full potential


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Drawn together by a shared goal to help struggling students, Karen and Melissa created the K&M Center in 1992.

Each student who learns to read, write and/or gain confidence in his or her ability to learn affirms for Karen and Melissa that they are achieving their goal.

Karen Fried, Psy.D and Melissa Mullin, Ph.D.

Karen and Melissa were both in graduate school and working as educational therapists with private practices when they met. They instantly realized their complementary skills and the alignment of their goals.

Looking forward to graduation and finding private practice lonely, they decided to open an office together. The first office had extra space for a new educational specialist to be hired and trained, beginning what is now the K&M Center. The K&M Center has grown over the years but remains a small, personalized center with highly trained and supervised educational specialists.


The combination of Karen's psychotherapy perspective, along with Melissa's emphasis on the psychology of learning, formed the K&M Center mission to view the whole child as they identify and address the child's learning needs. This view enables K&M to remediate the root cause of each child's learning or attention challenge and make lasting changes.

Your child will develop the underlying skills needed to become an independent learner at the K&M Center. We are committed to finding the correct intervention for each child that comes to our center.

Our Mission

To help each child who arrives at the K&M Center to learn to his or her potential and become an independent learner.


Our Method

We view students as individuals with unique learning styles and talents.  We create tailored treatment plans to address each child's specific areas of need.

Our People Make all the Difference

 All of our educational specialists have a commitment to learning and a joy of teaching.


We continue to grow as educators, refining and adding powerful new programs to help children meet the future with competence, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Our Educational Specialists and Academic Coaches work with parents, teachers, tutors and  other professionals working with the child to create a program that truly works.


Having a professionally staffed Center allows the K&M Center to continue researching, testing, and providing the best new programs in all areas of cognitive processing and academic skills to benefit students.

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Ben's mother

You guys have been such a major piece of Ben's treatment plan and we are grateful for the emotional and academic support you have provided for him. He is a confident, happy little boy that is very aware of how hard work produces results. Have a great weekend.

Hayley’s mother

“My family’s experience with the K&M Center has been very positive. Through her work with the K&M Center staff, Hayley has learned to properly identify sounds and decode multi-syllable words. More importantly, her confidence has grown to the point where she no longer gets frustrated with unfamiliar words or activities.  Hayley now enjoys learning and feels successful every time she accomplishes new academic goals! 

Betsy’s mother

We just received my daughter's STAR report and  -- for the first time since she began taking the tests in 2nd grade -- she scored ADVANCED in English-Language Arts and Proficient in Math.  Thank you



"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how PROUD I am of Megan for the student she is this year! She has been ON TOP OF IT!  Whatever you guys did over the summer...THANK YOU! I am so lucky to have her again"-Jaymee, Megan's Teacher

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Karen Fried,

Psy.D, MFT

Karen Fried holds a doctorate in psychology, as well as, master’s degrees in both Human Development and in Clinical Psychology. A licensed MFT, she has practiced educational therapy and psychotherapy for over 15 years.

Melissa Mullin,


Melissa Mullin holds both master’s and doctoral degrees in Education with an emphasis on Educational Psychology from UCLA. Her specialization is Learning and Instruction. She has practiced as an Educational Psychologist for over 15 years.