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 Reading Fun!

Reading Fun guides beginning readers through the reading process with colorful, fun graphics and interactive activities. Students will build phonic skills, learn word families, build sight words knowledge and vocabulary skills.

Join in the Reading Adventure!


Build phonic skills and sight words to read stories!


Students will love engaging with the colorful, easy-to-use modules!


Access five new modules each week, for a total of forty modules over eight weeks.

The first lesson is free!

day 1.png

Learn to read!

8 weeks of fun interactive activities.

  • Build phonic skills

  • Learn word families

  • Build sight words

  • Gain vocabulary skills

You will get a weekly email with a link to the week's activities.

Each daily module presents four activities:

  • Blending Words using Word Families

  • Air Writing for Sight Words

  • Multiple Meaning Words with a fun Quiz

  • Reading a Story.

You can do one module a day, or if you like, and can always come back to any module you haven’t finished, or just want to review again!

The program is designed to have a coach or parent with the child to help guide them through the activites.

The Program

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