Reading Programs

Take a moment to watch this YouTube video on Dyslexia. 


Each of the programs we use taps a part of the brain. We select the best reading program(s) for your child based on his or her areas of strength and weakness.




RAVE-O stands for Retrieval, Automaticity, Vocabulary, Engagement with Language, Orthography.


It’s a marriage of the most up-to-date research on phonological processes (word sounds), decoding, vocabulary acquisition, and word retrieval, with truly phenomenal results.


As a result, word recognition and learning become second nature, and your child rekindles their desire for learning when there was once struggle.



Read Naturally


With Read Naturally, fluency, comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary combine with a highly motivating continual assessment of reading progress.


The result:  Increased reading proficiency and sheer pleasure in the learning process.


Read Naturally gives the Educational Specialist an opportunity to model good reading techniques, guides the child through repeated reading exercises, and encourages the child by closely monitoring reading performance.


This is just one more highly effective way K&M Center sets itself apart.



Great Leaps


When it comes time to decide on the best path to reading fluency for your child, Great Leaps can show you the way. 


There are 3 critical areas that we cover here at the K&M Center as part of the Great Leaps program:


* Phonics, from single sounds to complex blends

* Sight Phrases that teach students to “chunk” small pieces of meaning

* Reading Fluency using interesting, age-appropriate stories

* Plus, your student’s progress will be tracked, which builds even more motivation and positive reading momentum.





A cutting edge computerized program, Lexia teaches reading skills in sequence, using computerized diagnostic assessments to identify your student’s individual level and to target specific areas for reinforcement that are customized just for him or her.


In order to keep the remediation as effective as possible for as long as possible, careful monitoring of student progress is a priority with us.



Lindamood-Bell programs

 LiPS and V/V. This is where right-brain perception elegantly merges with left-brain reasoning…This wonderful pair of programs helps your student to:


* process the individual sounds that are used for reading

* learn and retain language content

* Both of these revolutionary multi-sensory approaches integrate auditory processing (hearing what is said), visualizing, thinking and verbal expression.


The K&M Center’s elite staff of fully trained Educational Specialists use the sequenced exercises to help your child effectively decode, comprehend written and oral language, spell, think critically, and express themselves vividly as they become independent learners.


This is truly a phenomenal approach to learning, and it’s available to you right now.

We have many more reading programs and materials available. Once we understand your child's needs we will select the best programs to get your child reading.

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