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Math Programs

Discover Math
Touch Math
Base ten
Woodin Math

Woodin Math


  • The Woodin Math program teaches foundational math skills and is intended for students who have had difficulty with more traditional methods.

  • It introduces concrete visual icons to build number sense and includes practical strategies for teaching multiplication, division, word problems, and math facts that focus on teaching students how to conceptualize a problem before solving it.

  • For each new skill, students are taught the concept before they learn the procedure.


Discover Math 


Discover Math places your student on a clearer path to learning how numbers work by:


  • "playing" with manipulatives

  • visualizing math operations

  • dialoguing with the Educational Specialist about the number operations


This is an engaging program that instills a firm, “hands-on” understanding of mathematical concepts, processes, and reasoning, without stress, overwhelm or frustration, which will set the stage for a relaxed relationship with math for years to come.




The TouchMath process takes your child’s learning process deeper, involving them on auditory, visual and tactile levels.


By talking through, looking at, and touching math symbols, students achieve an integrated, deep understanding of number operations as representing real quantities, rather than by rote memorization.


When this happens, there is more retention, more enjoyment and more profound understanding, laying the groundwork for what they will see in the real world.


This is what learning math should be all about, and at the K&M Center, it is.


We introduce fun manipulatives to the learning process here, sparking a unique fascination in mathematics and guiding your child from concrete experiences to abstract thinking about math.


Base Ten Math


Activities introduce, investigate, and reinforce key math topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, and Geometry.


Interactive tutorials and manipulatives join forces in the innovative Base Ten Math process.


The fundamental mathematical concept of place value is explained clearly and unforgettably.  How refreshing!


DIME and Snap Cubes


Three-dimensional DIME and Snap Cubes provide valuable practice for your child when coming to terms with the various geometric shapes they will encounter.


Students learn to “see” and build 3-dimensional shapes by observing their 2-dimensional “blueprints,” and strengthen their sense of spatial relations.


A whole new level of understanding is developed and nurtured here.  Don’t let your student tackle geometry without it!

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