The By the Rules: One-Syllable Mastery workbook

takes students on a step-by-step journey

to master one-syllable rules.

What's inside:

•  Stories creating meaning for each rule

•  Pictures stimulating retention of the rules

•  Metacognitive questions

•  Exercises offering practice and mastery

•  Dictation sentences cultivating skills in context


Meet The Characters

 Sally Short Vowel

Lincoln Long Vowel

Connie Combo

Understanding spelling and reading rules makes learning to read fun!


Dr. Mullin discovered a simple method to demystify the reading and spelling process.

The By the Rules workbook arranges rules into meaningful patterns and creates a context that makes sense to students. Learn how to protect Sally Short Vowel with a consonant. Meet Lincoln Long Vowel's Best Friends and the Magic E. Don't miss Connie Combo and her special vowel combinations!


The workbook contain over 150 pages of instruction and activities.

Melissa Mullin, Ph.D

Director and Owner of the K&M Center

I have been there, done that. I have failed spelling tests, baffled teachers with my poor writing skills and hidden my notes so no one could see my spelling.

When I learned I have dyslexia it changed my life! Realizing that my trouble in school was due to a learning difference, not my intelligence, expanded my view of what I could achieve.

I became a Educational Psychologist, with a specialization in Learning and Instruction, and founded the K&M Learning Center to help students like me achieve their goals.


Teaching spelling rules, over and over,  I began to understand spelling patterns.  I created stories to help my students relate to the rules and taught them the questions to ask as they worked on reading and spelling skills. This approach presents spelling rules in a way students with dyslexia can understand.

I hope the By The Rules workbook ends your child's reading and spelling struggle.

My Super Power

 Look Inside!  

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