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Our programs build areas of underlying weakness so your child can become a strong, confident learner


Summer sessions can make a real difference 


We will identify and address the root cause of the learning or attention challenge that is holding your child back in school. Once we understand the underlying skills your child needs to become an independent learner we will create a plan to target those areas.



Summer Intensive Time Slots:

Each time slot is 2 hours long- Monday thru Friday. 
A:  9 am-11 am
B:  11 am -1 pm
C:  1:30 pm -3:30 pm 
 Summer Intensives provide 10-20 hours a week of intervention to help your child move into the next level of mastery. 

Customized Time Slots:

Choose the weeks you would like to attend.
​The  Custom Schedule provides flexibility to make the most of your  summer.
Custom scheduling is available in the afternoon.
Each time slot is 1 or more hours.
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