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Students who know rules when reading and spelling are more efficient readers and spellers. While teaching dyslexic students to read, Dr. Mullin discovered a simple method to demystify the decoding and encoding process. The By the Rules workbook arranges rules into meaningful patterns and creates a context that makes sense to students.


The By the Rules: One-Syllable Mastery workbook takes students on a step-by-step journey to master one-syllable rules.


What's inside:

• Stories creating meaning for each rule

• Pictures stimulating retention of the rules

• Metacognitive questions

• Exercises offering practice and mastery

• Dictation sentences cultivating skills in context


The By the Rules series includes By the Rules: Sounds and Letters, By the Rules: One-Syllable Mastery and By the Rules: Multisyllable Mastery.

By The Rules: One Syllable Spelling

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