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Welcome to the K&M Center where we create

confidence and excitement

for learning!

Personalized one-to-one sessions address core learning skills 

private school education learning center

Develop the underlying skills that your child needs become an independent learner with Educational Remediation sessions.


We build core learning skills to promote strong reading, writing, math and improve social skills.

We know students learn differently  so we design individualized Homeschool programs for every student.

One-to-one teaching and customized curriculum enables us to remediate learning issues and meet State Standards.

Do you have questions about your child's learning style? A review of materials and testings, along with parent input, helps us create targeted learning plans for each student.

Our Educational Consultations and Evaluations help you design a road map for your child's academic success.

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Our Process for Success

The K&M Center considers the whole child when identifying their learning strengths and challenges. Each student is provided with an individualized treatment plan to maximize their strengths and remediate their learning difficulties. K&M students are taught the underlying processing and communication skills, as well as executive functioning AND academic skills they need to become independent, confident learners.

Listen to what some of our parents are saying.

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