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Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy Programs


The K&M Center can be your pathway to your child’s success. Your child can master specific subjects over the long term when  fundamental skills are mastered with one-on-one Educational Therapy.



Learn more about what we offer.


Reading Instruction includes teaching and improving reading, increasing comprehension and facility, and active reading techniques for learning.


Math Skills training uses cutting-edge techniques to clarify and inspire “math thinking.”


Writing Instruction includes mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation), sentence structure, paragraph development, research skills, and editing. 


Report Writing includes planning strategies, research, note-taking, organizing, composing, drafts, and editing. 


Test-taking Skills training includes Test Anxiety Therapy, writing in-class essays, multiple-choice strategies.


Study Skills training includes time management, active reading techniques, note-taking, outlining, research, organization, and written and oral expression. 


Visual-Motor Skills training includes spatial organization, fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception. 


Reading Programs

Writing Programs



Discover K&M’s Writing Programs:

A Comprehensive Array of Engaging Learning Experiences


Your child will unlock the integrated aspects of writing, including letter formation, computer keyboarding, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and composition.


They will receive attention in a range of engaging writing programs for dysgraphia, mechanics, and organization.


  • The K&M Center Writing Process Workbook 

  • Step Up To Writing 

  • Diana Hanbury King Writing 

  • Inspiration and Webspiration 

  • Retrain the Brain 

  • Handwriting without Tears 


 Imagine your child having access to the best exercises, activities, games and lessons available, all from the K&M Center’s years of writing instruction.


Using students’ own assignments and projects, we make writing skills (prewriting, composing, editing and polishing) relevant and rewarding.


Step Up To Writing uses multi-sensory, hands-on, and memorable exercises to keep students engaged and enthralled.  Not to be missed.


The K&M Center proudly brings you Diana Hanbury King’s spectacular writing workbooks, which elegantly blend writing instruction with easy practice exercises.


From grammar rules and model sentences to paragraphs and essays, everything is covered and delivered with innovative writing and editing exercises that clarify good writing methods for your student while letting them enjoy all types of literary tasks from creative writing to reports.


Inspriation and Webspiration are here…

These amazing online organizing tools will help your child embrace and organize their thoughts even if their writing is messy or disorganized.


How is this done?  They provide an automatic layout for every step of writing, including prewriting, composing, editing, and even integrating others’ contributions.


You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!


Retrain the Brain, provides a remarkable synergy of music and movement to develop the brain, extend the student’s emotional control and the build fine motor skills neccessary for writing.



 Handwriting Without Tears does just what it says, it eases the  struggles of printing and cursive by building the skills needed for fluid writing. We follow an age-appropriate sequence, grouping letters by ease and similarity of stroke, and we only venture into the more difficult letter groups after your child is comfortable with the basics.


You’ll see your child's  confidence rise in direct relation to his or her skill level rising.


Writing Programs

Math Programs



The K&M Center’s Specialized Hands-On Math Programs Take Frustration and Anxiety Out of the Equation


At K&M we have a unique approach to math because we know how frustrating it can be

for your children when numbers don’t make sense.


We combine hands-on experience with manipulatives, number visualization, and talking through operations that bring more clarity and enjoyment to the process.


  • Woodin Math

  • Discover Math

  • TouchMath

  • Cuisenaire Math

  • Base Ten Math

  • DIME/ Snap Cubes Visual Processing Exercises

  • and many more math games and activities


Discover Math 


Discover Math places your student on a clearer path to learning how numbers work by:


  • "playing" with manipulatives

  • visualizing math operations

  • dialoguing with the Educational Specialist about the number operations


This is an engaging program that instills a firm, “hands-on” understanding of mathematical concepts, processes, and reasoning, without stress, overwhelm or frustration, which will set the stage for a relaxed relationship with math for years to come.




The TouchMath process takes your child’s learning process deeper, involving them on auditory, visual and tactile levels.


By talking through, looking at, and touching math symbols, students achieve an integrated, deep understanding of number operations as representing real quantities, rather than by rote memorization.


When this happens, there is more retention, more enjoyment and more profound understanding, laying the groundwork for what they will see in the real world.


This is what learning math should be all about, and at the K&M Center, it is.


We introduce fun manipulatives to the learning process here, sparking a unique fascination in mathematics and guiding your child from concrete experiences to abstract thinking about math.


Base Ten Math


Activities introduce, investigate, and reinforce key math topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, and Geometry.


Interactive tutorials and manipulatives join forces in the innovative Base Ten Math process.


The fundamental mathematical concept of place value is explained clearly and unforgettably.  How refreshing!


DIME and Snap Cubes


Three-dimensional DIME and Snap Cubes provide valuable practice for your child when coming to terms with the various geometric shapes they will encounter.


Students learn to “see” and build 3-dimensional shapes by observing their 2-dimensional “blueprints,” and strengthen their sense of spatial relations.


A whole new level of understanding is developed and nurtured here.  Don’t let your student tackle geometry without it!

Math Programs

Executive Functioning, Attention, and Working Memory




K&M Brings You Cutting Edge Programs for Executive Functioning, Attention, and Working Memory

In sync with the latest neurological research, our programs address the fundamental brain functions used for academic and life tasks. 


These programs systematically train and increase students’ attention, concentration, and reasoning abilities through stimulating, grade-appropriate activities.


Just look at what is available to you:

  • The K&M Center Executive Functioning Workbook

  • Cogmed Working Memory Program

  • PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement program)

  • APT (Attention Process Training) 

  • and a variety of metacognitive strategies to help students “think about thinking.”


Executive Functioning (EF) is a term that’s been getting increased attention in education lately.  Simply put, it’s the ability to interpret and act upon information.


Executive Functioning Workbook 


Introduced and explained in an easy to follow format that parents or tutors can follow, activities in The K&M Center Executive Functioning Workbook will bring all this down to an understandable level for your student, and place it in a context that will nurture their comprehension over the long term. 


Cogmed Working Memory Training


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a highly effective program designed to improve attention, increase concentration, and sharpen problem-solving skills. 


Under the supervision of our Cogmed-qualified coaches, students from preschoolers to adults complete an age-appropriate training program at home.




PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) is a 12-week intensive one-on-one cognitive training program that corrects visual and auditory weaknesses and enhances learning skills.


PACE strengthens underlying thinking processes needed for academic skills by improving the brain’s overall processing abilities. 


The PACE program builds neurological pathway connections through fast-paced, fun activities in areas of auditory and visual processing, working memory, processing speed, attention, logic and reasoning, and phonemic awareness.


Deficits in memory and learning often stem from attentional problems.  APT’s fascinating puzzles and activities gradually train the attention to facilitate learning. 


The program strengthens four types of attention: Sustained attention for long-term tasks, selective attention for concentrating despite distractions, alternating attention allowing students to shift to new tasks, and divided attention for completing multiple tasks.





The K&M Center offers Homeschooling services for elementary, middle, and high school.


  • Supplemental subject support:

 * We can work with your school to do “pull out teaching” either at our office or at your            school.

  * We can supplement your own homeschooling curriculum to address any individual learning needs.


* We can provide periodic assessment.


  • Full instruction in all courses and activities in the California state curriculum.


Directors Dr. Melissa Mullin, Dr. Karen Fried and our experienced Educational Specialists communicate with private or public school administrators and teachers to ensure that your child pursues and fulfills academic, art, and physical education requirements. Our instructors can attend IEP meetings, support classroom teachers, and provide parents with regular reports and feedback.


Above all, they tailor presentation of the material to your child’s needs and abilities, stimulate a love of learning, and make school fun, too!


Based on a careful assessment of your child, we design the optimal course and schedule of instruction. Customized weekly or daily one-on-one classes let your child succeed in school … and feel proud of it!


Contact us for more information on the best way we can help your child.


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