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The K&M Center can help your struggling child learn. We  identify learning differences and the underlying skills children need to reach their potential.  Using a “whole child” view, we highlight areas of strength while developing new cognitive skills to remediate the areas of weaknesses. 


 We specialize in helping students with difficulty in:

  • Reading, including Dyslexia

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Processing Speed 

  • Attention

  • Executive Functioning (EF) and Study Skills

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K & M Center Services

Educational therapy focuses on remediating underlying challenges—academic or social—that affect every aspect of the child’s life. 




Our Executive Functioning coaches help students develop the core executive functioning (EF) skills that may be affecting their performance in school.



 Elementary, middle, and high school students  fulfill California State grade level requirements while also receiving remediation for their learning and/or attention difficulties.

Evaluations offer a complete picture of a child's learning characteristics, so we can design a unique program to focus on and strengthen the skills that will make academics easier for your child.



Flexible Thinking Program, problem solving, flexible thinking
Teach your child to read, word building,vowels and more
Learn organization, time management and more

Targeted Learning ConceptsTM  are educational products targeted to address a specific learning need.


For over 20 years Melissa Mullin Ph.D. and Karen Fried Psy.D have been guiding students to reach their academic potential. Our goal is to empower parents, tutors and educational specialists to target the specific areas of needs of their students. Each of our products have been extensively used in our center and proven to help struggling students learn.

Our Products are designed to teach

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People are talking about the K&M Center

“My family’s experience with the K&M Center has been very positive. Our daughter Hayley began second grade having trouble with reading and phonics. Her biggest struggle came from sounding out words and reversing letters while reading. Because of this difficulty, she lacked confidence in her academic abilities and became frustrated when faced with new challenges. Through her work with the K&M Center staff, Hayley has learned to properly identify sounds and decode multi-syllable words. More importantly, her confidence has grown to the point where she no longer gets frustrated with unfamiliar words or activities. Instead, she shows whole-hearted effort and determination with each task, even when the material is challenging for her. Hayley now enjoys learning and feels successful every time she accomplishes new academic goals!”


-Hayley’s mother

"Kristen & Krystle,


I wanted to drop you both a note and thank you again for the work that you did with my daughter over the last couple years. We just received my daughter's STAR report and  -- for the first time since she began taking the tests in 2nd grade -- she scored ADVANCED in English-Language Arts and Proficient in Math.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the patience, love and understanding you have shown my daughter over the years."


-Gillian's mother

“Good Morning,


Just returned from parent teacher conference. Betsy is really doing well.  The teachers raved about her study skills and wanted to know who we had sent her to. We can't thank you guys enough for all your hard work with Betsy. You guys have been such a major piece of her treatment plan and we are grateful for the emotional and academic support you have provided for her. She is a confident, happy little girl that is very aware of how hard work produces results. Have a great weekend.”


-Betsy’s parents


"Dear Karen and Melissa,


Thank you for the opportunity to work at the K&M Center! In an education world that can be dominated by a myriad of politics and bureaucratic systems, it was refreshing to walk into a place where the main focus is on children. Everything that is done at the K&M center exemplifies cura personalis: care of the entire person. Every child that walks through K&M's doors is treated with the utmost respect, provided with the opportunity to express themselves, and taught the skill sets they need to unlock their fullest potential. Thank you for taking the risk all those years ago, and setting the foundation to change the lives of children who are not receiving the kind of support they need in a traditional classroom.


All the Best"


-Roni, Educational Specialist, K&M Center

"Dear Karen and Kristen,


Sarah had her Wildwood Gateway yesterday and she did an amazing job. I really just wanted to thank both of you for helping us get to this point. I couldn't help remember that meeting we had when Sarah was in 7th grade and they told me she might not make it to high school at Wildwood. Well, she did make it and I want you to know how grateful we are to both of you! You have helped Sarah, and me, so much! We look forward to starting up again in August.”


-Sarah’s mother


"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how PROUD I am of Megan for the student she is this year! She has been ON TOP OF IT! Her reading and writing skills have improved so much and she is such a pleasure to have in class. She volunteers daily and has been enjoying the process of writing daily and reading our first novel this year. Whatever you guys did over the summer...THANK YOU! I am so lucky to have her again"


-Jaymee, Megan's Teacher



I have to let you know that L scored a 35/36, (99th percentile), on his ACT Test, first time taking it. His ACT tutor said it’s the highest first time score of all the kids he’s ever prepared. He’s one & done, and so proud of himself, but also, he now can apply to any school he wants to in the country.  In thinking about this, his progress reminds me a bit of PACE. First, we know he has the knowledge base, but second, he was taking Practice tests along the way, and with each re-exposure he seemed to get the test and strategies more, and march his way up in performance. We are very thrilled here, and felt you should know!"




“Before K&M Center, balancing my heavy curriculum along with athletics and other after school activities was a huge challenge.  I realized after a few weeks that my lack of planning was a huge cause of my stress; by physically planning out my week on paper, I no longer had that 8 p.m. overwhelming rush. Soon my homework load seemed manageable and my stress level was significantly reduced.  After being a B student for as long as I can remember, it is no surprise that Krystle’s remarkable help led to my current 4.0 GPA. Thank you K&M Center so much! Without your help I could never be where I am now!”


-Lauren, high school sophomore

"Dear Melissa,


I am so fortunate to have run across your blog, which led me to you and your wonderful organization.  Sam  (who is sometimes allergic to work ) didn’t complain once about using a whole week of his summer to write all day.  Your staff made the difference by connecting with him, and helping him to believe that he could succeed at doing something that had become painful for him.  Please convey my thanks to them. 


He said (and says) that the strategies were extremely helpful, and he has specifically mentioned using them already. You guys really are the best, and it was well worth the trip to California to give Sam the chance to work with you! 


You have made a real difference in his life, and we are so very grateful. "


-Mom of a 10th grader