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Find the right solution to your child's learning challenge

Dyslexia/Reading • Writing • Math

Spelling • Executive Functioning • Processing Speed

Experience the difference an independent 

learning center

can make for your child.

Working one-to-one with your child we can build weak underlying learning or processing skills so your child can learn more successfully.


We are committed to helping students learn

Make a huge learning jump in just a few weeks

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Develop executive functioning skills and subject area knowledge

Build underlying processing skills to promote independent learning

We can connect with you no matter where you live

We learn about your child's learning style and design the best educational plan possible

1-to-1 teaching. Take a break from traditional school to enable your child to catch up

More from the K&M Center

Karen Fried,

Psy.D, MFT

Karen Fried holds a doctorate in psychology, as well as, master’s degrees in both Human Development and in Clinical Psychology. A licensed MFT, she has practiced educational therapy and psychotherapy for over 15 years.

Melissa Mullin,


Melissa Mullin holds both master’s and doctoral degrees in Education with an emphasis on Educational Psychology from UCLA. Her specialization is Learning and Instruction. She has practiced as an Educational Psychologist for over 15 years.

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