Executive Functioning Workbook

Executive Functioning Workbook



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The K&M Executive Functioning Workbook increases the student’s ability to plan, start, and finish work autonomously. It exercises the neurological activity that creates Executive Functioning by identifying the student’s aims and challenges, building thinking skills, and practicing organizational strategies. The program establishes academic independence as the student determines goals and develops the habits that will achieve them.

What is in the Workbook?

  Self-assessment in each school subject Scheduling time for homework, study, and other activities
  Setting academic and personal goals Breaking down long-term projects into daily tasks
  Equipping a study space at home Active reading and study skills
  Organizing a backpack Taking useful notes on lectures and texts
  Using a planner to track daily, weekly, and long-term assignments Test preparation and test-taking strategies
  Accurately estimating how long homework will take Tracking progress and setting new goals

How does the program work?

The program increases the student’s self-awareness of learning style, and active engagement in learning. To do so it follows 4 basic steps:

  Setting goals
  Learning and practicing skills
  Tracking progress

Schoolwork then serves to sharpen these abilities:

  Judging time accurately
  Building Working Memory
  Breaking down complex projects into manageable, orderly tasks;
  Correctly estimating how long tasks will take;
  Starting, stopping, and changing activities. 

Putting it all together:

Focused exercises and task-specific checklists make long-term planning, active reading techniques, note-taking, test preparation, and test-taking strategies into solid habits. At every new step, the student assesses his or her progress and creates new goals.


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